Ready to strengthen your body and transform your mindset around fitness for the long haul?

Build Strength

Increase Energy

Get Results

You want to feel confident in your own skin,
but when it comes to your fitness...
you easily fall off track.

And you're not alone.

You could use some help cutting through the fluff, getting started on the right track and simplifying this whole healthy-lifestyle-working-out-thing.

But right now, you're...


You feel clueless and don’t know how to pick a program that will actually get you the results you’re looking for.

Flying solo.

You lack accountability so you regularly skip workouts to tackle your neverending to-do list instead.


You’re trying to balance work and personal life - putting your health on the back burner because, well, time is limited.

You understand the value of consistent exercise and the benefits of prioritizing your health, and you’re sick of making excuses.

You’re ready to feel as strong as you know you are and unleash your inner badass once and for all. 

You need a program tailored to your needs with personalized support so you can show up even on your hardest days.

What if you could find a fitness plan that gets you results, fits into your lifestyle and helps you get your mojo back?


Strength Training for Strong Women:

The last program you'll ever need.

(Not your average cookie-cutter program)

The only strength-based program that provides ambitious, professional women like YOU customized workouts and weekly video lessons that walk you through each move and the support system you need to succeed -- all in 6 weeks.

What's in it for you...

Efficient. Empowering. Life-giving. 

I’ve created this program for busy professionals like you who want to build strength, tone up and boost energy, so you can feel confident and show up as your best self in all areas of life.

Ready to make a change that lasts?

It's all possible with my all-in-one Strength Training for Strong Women program.

I'll show you how.

Meet your Personal Trainer

I created Strength Training for Strong Women when I realized that so many female professionals in their 30s were struggling to prioritize their health and find a fitness program that they loved and could stick with. 

My years of study and working with clients has helped me cut through the clutter and deliver a simple, kickass program that’ll get you the results you’re looking for… and teach you what you need to know to sustain them long term.

Make your workout do more for you.

What's included?

You’ll have access to in-depth lessons each week, including simple workouts that increase your metabolism and tone your muscles, as well as an array of resources to help you be your healthiest, strongest self (mentally + physically).

Weekly Video Lessons

Weekly LIVE lessons, coaching, and Q&A (replays available). Live discussion boards hosted on Coach Caitie’s Practice Better platform – no social media required! Resources provided each week to support transformation. Access all the goods anywhere, anytime.

Individual support

Weekly email check-ins with Coach Caitie. Feedback on all workouts. Individualized programming in the second phase of the program (last 4 weeks) based on your goals, needs, access to equipment, and muscular imbalances.

Of course... strength training workouts

3 custom workouts/week that will take less than 45 minutes each – complete with video descriptions for all movements! Access and log your workouts on Coach Caitie’s online and mobile app so you can workout anywhere, anytime. No gym required. Easy peasy!

Mindset Shift

You have what it takes to throw weight around and get whatever results you’re after. In this program, you’ll learn to drop whatever fitness baggage you’ve been carrying around with you that’s been holding you back.

Bonuses to help you get over the hump and into the sweet feeling of

"Damn, I look good and feel great."

Strength Training for Strong Women is the solution you've been looking for...

Here's how it works:


Watch one lesson per week with opportunity for LIVE Q&A to make sure you're set for the week ahead.


Do your workouts and log them online. Connect with others and cheer one another on!


Get individual feedback and support from me - your certified personal trainer.

… feeling unmotivated and frustrated – struggling to find time in your calendar to work out and tired of starting programs that don’t do anything for you… 


… Increasing your energy and productivity, tackling stress in a healthy way, and knowing what to do and how to do it right to avoid injury and take care of yourself in a way that gets results.

What Participants Are Saying

Are you ready to


Space is limited, so sign up for the “weight list” below to get notified first for priority access into the program.

During these unprecedented times we need movement & connection more than ever. In an effort to increase accessibility and honor changing needs during this time, I am offering a sliding scale pricing option. Send me an email or hop on a call to chat more about how we can make this doable for you.

3 Payments



all the features outlined above!



paid at sign-up

all the features outlined above!

save $64!



paid at sign-up

All the features outlined above!

free month of custom programming post-program

3 bi-weekly 60-minute private coaching calls

text access with Coach Caitie

Not sure if it's a good fit?

No sweat.

*We'll chat about your goals and if this program is right for you.
If not, no pressure - pinky promise.

Don't miss the FAQs below.

Not your basic,


The group coaching calls are designed to not only help you overcome the hurdles of getting started but…

Empower you to make your own stinkin’ decisions with a plan that works for YOU.

By the end of our six weeks together, you won’t need my kickass workouts on the regs. Because you’ll learn all you need to…

This program is everything I wish I knew after becoming a personal trainer when I was still too terrified to make my own workouts and kept relying on done-for-you, generic shiz that’s everywhere.

Time is $$

The most expensive way to learn is through experience. Let's cut through the BS and work smarter from the get-go.

Risk Free

Don't knock it till you try it. Full money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

You've Got This

You have what it takes to succeed, no matter how many attempts you've made to get where you are today.


Nope! That said, weight training is more effective for fat burning than other forms of exercise if that’s what you’re after. Here’s a blog post I wrote that spells out the how and why.

Up until week 3 of the program, if you don’t think this is the program for you, I’ll give you a full refund. After that, you’re eligible for prorated refund if you ever choose to leave.

Your bod. That’s it. I create custom workouts and take into account what equipment you have access to. That said, you open yourself to a lot more options with a few key pieces of equipment at your disposal. Check out this blog post to learn more!

I mean, just check out all of these benefits. There are so many ways to go about strength training, that I’m certain we can find an approach that fits oh so perfectly into your lifestyle. There’s certainly a learning curve to getting started, but hey, that’s what this program is for – getting you through it, with a fitter you on the other side.

When we first begin working together, we don’t waste time. You’ll get two weeks worth of low-risk exercises right off the bat. I use an app to deliver your workouts, and each exercise is accompanied by a video demo-ing the move. You’re encouraged to send me video of yourself performing the moves, especially if you’re not 100% confident you’re executing the movement properly. I can then more easily assist you in making any necessary tweaks. I design custom workouts for you based on your goals, muscular imbalances we uncover, your current fitness level, and your lifestyle. In our group calls I address the need-to-know for great workouts. In the app I also make recommendations for weights to use and reps to perform based on how much you’re challenged by each exercise at your current weight/rep count.

Have more Qs? I've got As.

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*We'll chat about your goals and if this program is right for you.
If not, no pressure - pinky promise.

Don't miss the FAQs below.