All services (besides Stress Monster Makeover) require that we first chat during a complimentary initial consultation. If I don’t get to know you, how else can I tailor my coaching, meal planning, and workout programs for you!? You don’t have to answer that, it’d be impossible.

Tailor-made to bring your fitness game from where you are to where you want to be whether you have a gym membership, are already committed to Pilates twice a week, or need to squeeze in a short workouts during nap times at home!

Together we will:

– Set personalized goals that will bring you from where you are to where you want to be

– Discover the best dietary and lifestyle choices that support you in achieving your goals, with long-term sustainability and your uniqueness in mind

– Meet weekly or bi-weekly via phone, video chat, or in person

I will:

– Empower you by serving as a guide and mentor

– Provide e-mail support between sessions

– Arm you with supplemental handouts tailored for you

– Lovingly hold you accountable, lend a fresh perspective and my expertise, and give you that push you’ve been missing

*Private coaching clients receive a 20% discount on other services*

Chronic Stress Management + Reduction Program

What’s included?

– 11 bite-sized modules delivered to your inbox over a 6-week period addressing various topics related to stress management and reduction

– Access to a private Facebook group only open to participants of the program

– Email support between lessons

– Relevant handouts and supplemental materials should you choose to “dive-deep” into any particular module

Ditch self-sabotage

& reach your fitness goals

I've created a ~free~ guide to help you understand why you've fallen prey to self-sabotage, how to regain control to change your habits, and what you need to know to create lasting motivation.