my name is Caitlin, but those close to me call me Caitie

Pretty sure health-coaching is my soulmate* career, because:

*At first I accidentally typed “swolemate” which I’m telling you, because maybe you’ll think that’s funny like I did, and secondly … does that not support my thinking that this is the path for me? Too good… too good…

– all things wellness light my fire, so staying on top of the latest and greatest in the field doubles as my hobby #wellnessjunkie.

– I’m nothing if not a nurturer, and my style is pretty effective: loving yet firm with a heavy-handed dash of empowering.

– my mission to spread ripples to normalize and fuel healthy change around the world has me all but leaping out of bed every morning.

As your coach you won’t find me looking for opportunities to interrupt you to talk about myself. I’m a heck of a good listener, but hey, if you’re curious to know me better here are some basics:

– My fiancé and I live with our fur-children outside of Phoenix, AZ, but we’re both from Chicago.

– My experience using food to heal from Crohn’s Disease is where my nutrition knowledge snowball began picking up momentum.

– I studied Spanish at the University of IL (go Illini!!) and abroad in Cuba.

– Personal struggles with body issues, anxiety, binge eating, and depression shaped my holistic approach to transformation taking the method to my madness way beyond just optimizing movement and diet.




Now it’s time for you to tell me more about you! I’m always looking for book, blog, and podcast recommendations – please share your favorites!

If you’re not feeling shy, I’ve got some more questions:

Where are you at in your wellness journey? What goals do you have, and how can I support you to reach them? Where do you struggle and succeed? What kind of content would you like me to provide in my emails, the blog, and social media? Shoot me an email and/or connect with me on Instagram to help me serve you better!

Thanks for stopping by!


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